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About Case Management

For both the individual and family, it's extremely tough to go down the road to recovery alone. However, VIP Recovery will constantly be by your side to provide guidance, hope, and support during this process. Our VIP Recovery team members are trained interventionists and certified case managers. Because so many parts of the individual's life are affected by harmful behaviors, it requires many resources from various outside agencies. Having a case manager makes it easier for the individual and their family or friends because we are the primary point of contact for all necessary resources, including all the treatment centers, rehabs, or detox centers. As interventionists and case managers, we assist individuals and their families throughout the planning and staging of an intervention, facilitating treatment, and reintegrating the family during recovery. To help the individual, our case managers have extensive knowledge about:

  • Scientifically supported concepts and models related to managing substance use disorder, addiction, and mental health
  • Different cultures, people with disabilities, or special needs
  • Various insurance processes and paperwork

Case management allows us to carefully advocate for your loved one, monitor their recovery progress, and establish benchmarks for their success. VIP Recovery offers case management services throughout the United States.

Initial Discovery

During the initial discovery, we holistically assess the needs of your loved one and strategize a plan for the intervention. In this phase, we gather all the information needed to develop a case and set initial baselines for the individual. By looking at things, like behaviors, routines, environment, relationships, and family dynamics, we can start to formulate a plan that works best for the individual. Additionally, once we have a baseline, this will help us continue to monitor the treatment and recovery progress. Based on the initial research, we can determine the proper intervention model, including The Johnson Model of intervention, The ARISE Model of intervention, or The Systemic Model of intervention. Initial discovery is very important for planning the next steps to help your loved one seek treatment. We know that each case is personal and very sensitive. We will always maintain confidentiality and securely gather the information to protect the privacy of your loved one.

Staging An Intervention

After the initial discovery and once we have thoroughly assessed the individual's needs, the VIP Recovery starts to plan the intervention. In this phase, we pick the appropriate intervention model and determine the group members. For additional information on planning an intervention, please read our "Intervention Planning" page. Planning an intervention is one of the most important parts before staging it. We continue to document the process so we can make updates depending on the individual's needs. Finally, after the initial discovery phase and planning, we lead the intervention with family members, friends, bosses, or co-workers and the behaviorally or chemically dependent person. Once the person admits they have a problem, the intervention will stop and move into the treatment phase. Throughout this process, we will take careful notes to continue helping the individual.

Treatment and Recovery

Case managers help greatly when it comes to managing treatment and recovery processes. Generally, substance use disorder, addiction, and mental illness cases are complex and require long-term assistance. Throughout treatment and recovery, people often need multiple healthcare services or community-centered resources to help the individual reach sobriety. To make it easier for the person and to help them succeed, case managers organize logistics and provide guidance for navigating between behavioral and mental health services. A VIP Recovery case manager can also create treatment plans, which might include:

  • Enrolling a patient in a detox program
  • Admitting a person to residential inpatient care or a hospital
  • Coordinating long-term outpatient treatment
  • Organizing counseling, mental health, or family therapy appointments
  • Finding transitional/sober housing for the individual
  • Planning for care and follow-up after treatment

Family Reintegration

Sometimes, parents with severe substance use disorder, addiction, or mental health problems might not be able to maintain custody of their child. If this happens, their child might be placed in foster care or with the next of kin. After seeking treatment and maintaining sobriety for a while, parents may be able to obtain custody of their child. A case manager at VIP Recovery can help coordinate this process. Additionally, in other cases that use The Systemic Model or The ARISE Model of intervention, family reintegration is important once the person has reached that level of treatment. During this time, family members will start meeting with their loved ones to develop open communication techniques, create healthy habits, and start to rebuilding relationships. VIP Recovery case managers are always compassionate and understanding of each situation.

Support Every Step Of The Way

A good, strong support system can help your loved one recover. We are honored that you are considering our services and potentially entrusting us with your loved one. A VIP Recovery case manager can be critical to maintaining success because of the longevity and complexity of each individual's case. From staging an intervention to helping someone become reintegrated with their child, we will always provide patient-centered care and compassion for each case. Please call us for additional information about case management and how it can help your loved one. Our VIP Recovery case managers will travel nationwide to help you and your loved one.

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