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About A Substance Intervention

Substance abuse happens when a person misuses alcohol or prescription drugs or engages in illegal drug use. Unfortunately, substance use disorder is a very common problem for a lot of Americans. In fact, VIP Recovery started because of the Knauss' experience while managing Brandon's substance use disorder problem. The severity and complexity of the situation made Brandon and Debbie, his mom, realize the importance of helping others navigate through the difficult process of treatment and recovery. The VIP Recovery team provides guidance, hope, strength, and support for individuals who struggle with substance use disorder and the people impacted by the issue. Before the individual "hits rock bottom," we can intervene by staging an intervention. We will travel throughout the United States to help educate, motivate, and activate individuals to seek treatment and start down the road to recovery. 

Substance Candidates

People start using drugs or alcohol for many reasons, including curiosity and peer pressure, to reduce stress, to feel better, or to enhance their performance in school or sports. Additionally, a mix of biology, environment, and development all have a huge impact on how a person manages feelings of pleasure, self-control, or stress, which may prompt a person to mismanage legal substances or engage in illegal substances. Substance abuse, especially substances like heroin, can have a long-term impact on the health and body so we strongly encourage reaching out to us if you think your loved one, friend, family member, or child is suffering from a substance use disorder problem. Signs to look for include:

  • Noticeable changes in behavior, such as irritability or lack of motivation
  • Difficulty with finances or stealing money
  • Changes in appearance, including weight loss or weight gain
  • Noticeable shakes, bloodshot eyes, or trouble speaking
  • Involved with new friends

In some cases, no amount of the substance is good for the body, such as heroin. Please call us if you know someone engaging in these types of behaviors. You could help save their life.

Substance Intervention Steps

Planning a substance use disorder intervention

To help ensure an intervention goes as smooth as possible, the VIP Recovery team will start by planning the intervention. Initially, we gather information about the individual and his or her behaviors. Our group will then work with the point of contact to establish who is involved throughout the intervention and during the treatment process. We all decide on the intervention model type, which helps us strategize how we approach an individual. Model types might include The Johnson Model of intervention, The ARISE Model of intervention, or The Systemic Model of intervention. After we have designed the structure of the intervention, we help members prepare their messages and what they want to say during the intervention. We want group members to feel as comfortable as possible so we rehearse the intervention before staging it. Additionally, before meeting in a safe location, we will take additional precautions in case the individual acts out.

Staging the intervention

An intervention usually takes place earlier in the day. This will make it more likely that the individual has not had a chance to use the substance before attending. Depending on the intervention model we use, an intervention may be one session or several sessions. When an intervention starts, we will lead the conversation and guide the group members throughout the discussion. While family members take turns discussing how the individual's behaviors impact them, please remember to not yell and to only discuss examples or emotions that relate to the substance use disorder problem. An intervention will stop after the individual admits they have a problem.

What Happens Next?

An intervention has two possible outcomes. Just know, we will be with you each step of the way, no matter what happens. During a successful intervention, the individual admits they have a problem and chooses to pursue treatment. It's imperative for the individual to acknowledge a problem in order for the treatment to be successful. We discuss the treatment options and logistics during the planning portion of the intervention. After the intervention, we will transport the person to a detox and treatment center to ensure they arrive safely. It's important that an individual undergo detox under the supervision of a medical professional.

Unfortunately, an intervention is not always successful. An individual may feel betrayed or cornered and could possibly walk out. We know how painful this is. If this happens, the group members will need to implement the ultimatums or strict boundaries that we set during the planning phase of the intervention. Some of these ultimatums may seem harsh, but it will hopefully help motivate the individual to seek treatment because they no longer have a support system that accidentally enables them. It's critical that group members maintain these ultimatums. Do not give in. By giving in, you are positively reinforcing the negative behavior. VIP Recovery will continue to guide you through this process and help you maintain hope.

VIP Recovery Can Help

Substance abuse can severely impact a person's health and mental well-being. For a safe recovery, it's important that the individual detoxes under the supervision of a medical professional. If you know someone engaging in harmful behaviors, please give us a call. We will travel nationwide to help stage an intervention. Before the worst happens, please reach out to us as soon as possible. Taking the first step for your loved one could save their life.

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