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About Celebrity Interventions

Too often, the flashing camera lights or polished public appearances mask the true feelings of tiredness, depression, loneliness, other mental health issues, substance use disorder, or addiction that many celebrities or business executives experience. With the utmost privacy and confidentiality in mind, VIP Recovery created services to meet the unique and highly sensitive needs of celebrities and executives. Whatever services required, VIP Recovery can represent you and provide first-class service, safety, security, luxury, and convenience. We have the ability to stage a discreet intervention and have highly experienced staff to guide the conversation and motivate the individual to receive treatment. To maintain discretion, we will travel nationwide to stage the intervention.

Intervention Candidates

A celebrity and executive intervention can help anybody who needs complete discretion when handling sensitive matters, including mental health issues, addiction, or substance use disorder. When a person engages in harmful behavior for a long time, they often don't realize they need help. If they do, the person experiences a "wake-up call" or traumatic event that triggers the response, like losing a relationship, losing their home, losing a job, hospitalization, or accidentally hurting someone. Other times, stepping up for your friend, business partner, loved one, or family member is critical to helping them recover and maintaining sobriety. With compassion, expert knowledge of the industry, and our personal experience, we will choose the best intervention strategy for your loved one, such as The Johnson Model of intervention, The ARISE Model of intervention, or The Systemic Model. 

Celebrity Intervention Steps

Planning a celebrity and executive intervention

A crucial part of staging an intervention is the planning that goes on beforehand. During the planning portion, we make sure everything remains completely confidential. In the initial stages of planning, we gather information about the individual to help us create a strategy for designing and structuring the intervention. After our VIP Recovery team has completed the research, we can help determine who all is involved and select the appropriate intervention model. We will also provide guidance on writing messages or letters, planning the logistics, practicing the intervention, and teaching about recovery and sobriety support. For additional information about the planning process or the types of models we use, please review:

  • Planning an Intervention
  • The Johnson Model, The ARISE Model, or The Systemic Model

We will also prepare for any safety issues, such as someone who is contemplating suicide or who acts violently in response to the intervention. Once we have developed a plan, we will stage the intervention in a safe, upscale, and private location. A well-designed intervention can help lead to positive outcomes and motivate the individual to admit his or her problem and seek treatment.

Staging a celebrity and executive intervention

On the day of the intervention, we will ask the individual to meet us in a safe location. Usually, an intervention is performed earlier in the day so the person is less likely to have used the substance before attending. An intervention is an emotionally charged event, but we will prepare the group members for what might happen. Based on the model selected, the intervention might take place at one session or over multiple sessions. Usually, the intervention is a back and forth conversation with all of the members, including the person engaging in harmful behaviors. Sometimes, it's just for the group members discussing how the individual's behaviors have impacted them.

Throughout the intervention, VIP Recovery will lead the conversation and maintain control to ensure the safety of everyone and make sure all the discussions stay on topic. As the conversations begins, no matter how upset you are, it's critical not to shame or shout at the person. As soon as the individual admits they have a problem, the intervention ends. However, if an individual feels cornered or betrayed, they might walk out. That's why planning is so critical to staging a successful intervention.

What Happens Next?

After performing a celebrity or executive intervention, there are two possible outcomes. The person either chooses to go to treatment or they refuse to acknowledge the problem. If they admit the problem, we can utilize transportation services to take them to a treatment center and begin recovery. This ensures they arrive safely, and we will check them in at the facility. Initially, if your loved one is suffering from a substance use disorder problem, they might undergo a detox program. Under the supervision of a medical professional, the detox will help cleanse the body of any harmful substances.

In the event that a person denies the problem, we will continue to coach the family and loved ones to a level of safety and treatment during this difficult time. If this happens, the group members can respond by maintaining the boundaries or ultimatums discussed during the planning phase. We understand this is one of the hardest things to do. No matter what happens, our empathetic specialists will guide you throughout this difficult time. No matter the results of the intervention, there is a positive outcome in that you've started a conversation. This vital first step has the capacity to lead someone to the road to recovery.

Hope Is A Phone Call Away

You are a critical piece to helping your loved one recover. With one simple call, you can change that person's life forever and help them start down the road to recovery. At VIP Recovery, we provide guidance, discretion, support, and most importantly, hope. For family members, business associates, partners, spouses, or friends who want to help their loved ones heal and move past these turbulent times, please call us today for additional information about the next steps. It could save your loved one's life. VIP Recovery travels nationwide to assist with celebrity and executive interventions.

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