Brandon Knauss, Interventionist, Vice President

Meet Brandon Knauss

Brandon Knauss is an interventionist, co-founder of VIP Consulting, LLC, and a popular motivational speaker, best known for his appearances on Dr. Phil who talks about his experience with addiction, intervention, and the advantages of sobriety. VIP Consulting, LLC is a highly regarded intervention and recovery services organization that helps clients throughout North America. While embracing his work to inspire families and individuals in need of guidance, Brandon incorporates his life lessons, which include a 6-month stint in the Texas correctional system. Hard-hitting and gritty with authenticity, he speaks with frankness and compassion about his personal experience with unaided detox and grueling incarceration. Because of his previous experience with addiction, he can connect and empathize with families while maintaining a firm and sensitive stance, making clear the complexities involved in both treatment and family obligation to help the addict. Brandon has attained success time and again with his strategic approach, and he makes a complicated situation comprehensible and workable.

Brandon continues to appear on Dr. Phil, and he regularly speaks with many groups, such as high school students, college students, and corporations about his experience with family interventions and getting help with drug and alcohol addiction. He also works with prestigious hospitals and treatment facilities, including Touchstone Ranch Recovery Center, The Menninger Clinic, La Hacienda, Sierra Tucson, and the Betty Ford Clinic.

As seen on Dr. Phil's, 'A Brandon Intervention', 'Brandon Returns', 'Brandon Behind Bars', 'Brandon's Back', 'Taking the next step', 'Dr. Phil's 1000th episode'; (featuring his most memorable guests):

"I struggled with drug addiction throughout my late teen years and early twenties.  The longer I ignored the problem, the worse it got.  I have personally been through the top treatment programs in the nation and I have learned about addiction from the most respected experts in the country.  After finding recovery, I decided to use the knowledge I’d acquired over the years to help others who are battling the same problems I once did.  Debbie, Doug, and I joined forces to create a nation-wide intervention and recovery resources company. We travel all across America guiding other families toward the shining light of recovery through a highly specialized intervention process.  Without proper intervention, I have no doubt that I would not be here today, paying it forward and helping others. Intervention is the first, most important step in finding recovery. Do not wait to reach out for help. Start the process now."


""Dear Debbie and Brandon, Please know how grateful our family is to have received your professional help for my brother. As you know, we as a family did not possess the tools necessary to effectively provide the support or roadmap he desperately needed to get onto the road toward recovery. Your ability to take an emotionally strained family, agonizing over the past and afraid of the future, and turn them into a group of people with purpose was impressive. Your knack with balancing sensitive family issues while treating people with dignity and respect is commendable. Your experience, organization, and passion made executing an effective intervention plan possible. Not only did our family leave the intervention feeling empowered that we can make a difference, but more importantly you were able to reach my brother and send him on his journey of recovery. "I can honestly say that after working with you I felt, 'now there goes two people who are on fire to change the world for the better.' Thank you for recognizing your gifts and talents and using them to help others. We appreciate all that you have done for us." S.H. - Arizona"


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""Debbie and Brandon (Wow, what a team) With their combined talents of strength, organizational skills, patience, kindness and passion; timeless efforts and persistence...when you thought that all was lost, they put it out to the universe to let the greater powers that be take charge..and take charge he did." - Michigan"


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""Debbie, words cannot express our gratitude for what you, Brandon, and the entire production staff has done for ...... and our family. Life truly is amazing, thru the power of prayer and the trust that we have in God he sent us you for help in one of our greatest times of need. We felt so powerless, and then somehow God sent you into our lives with a message of hope for our son, ........ I thought I was a strong guy until I met you, but I have truly met one of the strongest women I have ever met in my life. Thank God you took charge and forever changed the destiny of your son Brandon’s life. He is truly an incredible man to have overcome such odds and I know how much you love him and he loves you. Our prayers were truly answered this weekend as you took time away from your family to try and save our sons life and we will be forever grateful for that. Debbie you are a wonderful lady with a great message to the world that thru perseverance there is hope for everyone suffering from addiction. I have thru this process this weekend learned one more powerful lesson that was reinforced so strongly this weekend that the power of love is unstoppable, and always brings out the best in all of us. Love for one another has and will continue to be the greatest message of hope that we offer any one in a time of need. Thanks so much for your expression of love for our family. You were right I feel like I was hit by a Mack truck when I awoke this morning. I have been sitting at my desk this morning with my sunglasses on because my eyes look so bad. My door is closed and I have just been weeping from all that has happened. I feel relief, sadness, and happiness and have never felt like this before. I found myself this morning while unloading ....... golf bag, smelling his worn clothing, and I said to myself what is wrong with you. I look forward to the day I can smell him again in person because of your kindness. Debbie please don’t hesitate to call on me for anything that I can do for your organization, or your family I will be there for you just ask. May God richly bless you for the work that you are doing." B.P. - New Jersey"


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"I feel enormous respect for you Debbie and Brandon, and your work as specialists in the field of addiction and recovery. Your compassion and your expertise, to be calm in the eye of the storm, builds momentum. Together as a family you show what love is, and sometimes, love is courage. Brandon I'm glad you’re alive, and Debbie and Doug, I'm glad you took Brandon seriously and reached out to Dr. Phil. Brandon, I'm happy you are using you talents and dynamic personality to inspire and to lead others, especially for boys and men in our communities. As a mother against impaired driving and as a teacher, I wholeheartedly support your efforts. T. S. - California"


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""I just wanted to take a moment and thank both you and Brandon for all your help this past weekend. What you do is so amazing and I will be forever grateful for your help in getting my daughter the help she so desperately needed. Brandon is quite a remarkable man; he made a huge impact on my daughter! I still can't believe we were so fortunate to have you both with us this past weekend. From the way you just happened to pick up my sister's telephone call, to being available the weekend I was flying my family to ......, to getting ......on board - someone up there had a "hand" in all of this. .... Is not happy with me right now - she's angry because I pulled her away from her birthday and Christmas with the family. That's OK, I know it's not my daughter talking and at least I know by getting her to ...... now, she WILL be with me and the family next year." D.L. - Illinois"


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