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At VIP Recovery, our skilled team of interventionists helps plan and stage interventions, which motivate your loved one to seek treatment. If you know someone who suffers from addiction, substance use disorder, or mental illness, a family intervention, celebrity and executive intervention, workplace intervention, or adolescent intervention can help intervene before it's too late. Additionally, we work with the public to share our story through different speaking events, and we offer consulting services to help businesses or groups develop strategies that reduce burnout or stress.

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If you know someone who is chemically or behaviorally dependent, an intervention could save their life by motivating them to seek treatment.

Using a direct, confrontational approach and strict ultimatums, The Johnson Model is a popular method used to plan and structure an intervention.

The Systemic Model believes that the family has a huge part in motivating the loved one to seek treatment while healing strained relationships.

To encourage treatment, The ARISE Model combines direct and indirect styles and help from "concerned others" or people involved in the intervention.

Planning an intervention allows the VIP Recovery team to research, structure, design, and develop the best strategy for approaching your loved one.

Family members play a critical role in motivating their loved ones, and an intervention is the first step to helping them on the road to recovery.

With confidentiality and considering the highly sensitive needs of celebrities and executives, we have the resources to provide first-class service.

If you mentor an employee who suffers from addiction, substance abuse, or mental illness, VIP Recovery can intervene before the worst happens.

With care, family members or close friends meet with their loved ones to discuss the impacts of the behavior and encourage them to seek treatment.

An adolescent intervention is specialized to meet the needs of a developing teenager and helps with substance abuse, addiction, and anger management.

It's important to reach out to VIP Recovery if you know someone who suffers from gambling, drug, sex, shopping, eating, or risky behavior addictions.

To prevent further harm, we encourage you to call us if you know someone who suffers from prescription, illegal drug, or alcohol substance abuse.

A good treatment center or program is critical to helping your loved one recover, attain sobriety goals, and maintaining long-term behavioral changes.

Having a case manager makes it easier for patients and their families because they are the point of contact for all treatment resources and services.

A recovery or sober coach eases the transition from the treatment center to restarting a regular routine and helps the person maintain sobriety.

To help businesses or groups incorporate strategies that reduce stress or burnout, we offer consulting services and training to help manage issues.

From Dr. Phil TV appearances to lectures, we offer personal and caring messages about recovery from addictions, mental illness, or substance abuse.

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